21st Century Cradle of Innovation

Scotland has a rich tradition of innovation and using IP that goes back at least as far as James Watt who famously had an act of parliament extend the life of his patent on the steam engine. Today, culturally rich, with the scenic beauty of mountains, valleys and hills, it is its modern day innovation and advances that makes Scotland a 21st Century cradle of innovation. With top class universities creating world leading research and spin off companies that capture value and returned it to their alma maters, with a centre of investment and finance, including forwarding looking venture capitalists, with new open, technologically diverse companies, with a national government focussed on delivering future growth on the back of innovation, and a professional sector intent on serving all their needs, Scotland is a place for the future.

Investment in innovation is key to bring any economy out of recession, and keep it growing. Short term cost controlling economic strategies, can make the down side of negative growth less for institutions whether public or private, but shrinking your way out of a economic crisis is about as short sighted as you can get – even if initial down whatevering is need. In the end, and the end cannot come soon enough, investment in innovation and investment in creating the intellectual property must come to revive the economy, revive the people. Scotland has chosen to see itself as a cradle of innovation for 21st Century, and is investing accordingly.